Abram - Baby Jesus

The school that our oldest 2 kiddos go to is connected to a church.  Each year the church does a live nativity with live camels, goats, sheep, wise men and shepherds and all, it was really cool.  This year they asked to borrow Abram to be Baby Jesus.

Although, we were worried about it being cold, him getting sick, and 10,000 other things, we didn't have any problems.  I took him Friday - Sunday for 2 weeks to the nativity and he sat with "Mary" and "Joseph" for 2 hours.  He was fussy a couple of nights, but "Mary" would sing to him and he'd fall asleep.

I would sit off to the side and watch people go up to see Baby Jesus and come down crying or smiling.  You could tell that even though he was only a representation of the Baby Jesus that it really touched people to see a live version of what it could have looked like.  

There were moments that truly gave me chills.  There were cold nights and hot night (its crazy that it was 65 degrees in December) and every night Abram would come back to me warm and cooing.  He loved it.  He loved being sung to and held.  

This photo was taken by Sarah Dodson.


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