Christmas Eve

I know this is late, but rather late than never.

Christmas Eve Robert's family came over for a little menudo and card playing.  They always have a lot of fun together and the kiddos love playing with their cousins.  Around 9:00pm, I finally got the kids to bed so that Santa could come and mommy could go to bed :)

Normally, the kids and I make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, but it didn't happen this time.  Santa also made a special request for Rolos.  So, I went to the corner store for Rolos and picked up some Oreos as well, because we know Santa loves Oreos.  Aiden dictated a note to Santa and Aiden signed it for himself and his siblings.

Santa sorted the presents and put out his loot and headed to the next house.

(Most of Abram's presents didn't get wrapped, because mommy didn't want to wrap and unwrap the same presents :) )


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