Aiden's First Basketball Game

Aiden is playing basketball with the YMCA this year.  All of his team mates are from the Kindergarten classes at his school.  It's super fun, because most of the time when you're on a team you don't know any of the parents and you spend so much time getting to know them and surface talking, etc.  With this we make to much noise at practice, because we're so chatty.  I'm sure their coach would prefer us not knowing each other, but she's a mom, too.

They had only had 2 practices before their game this Saturday, so poor coach spent a lot of time telling them to run, dribble and cover their buddy.  There were a lot of laughs from the sidelines because they were really cute to watch.

Abram hanging with PatPat during the game. 

Ana doing what she always does, eating snacks and socializing.

Team circle

Slap Hands!

Go Kindergarten Eagles!!


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