Last week was pretty uneventful!!

Aiden is sleeping pretty good. He is sleeping about 7-8 hours a night.

He is making the crawling motions, but hasn't put it all together yet. When he sees something that he wants he turns his body towards that direction and rolls to get it. It is pretty funny to watch him get around!! Video soon to come!!

Papa (My dad Randy) came to see Aiden Saturday and they played on the floor together. Aiden was putting balls into a toy, with a little bit of Papa's help. But he seemed to get the idea of what was happening!! They were so cute together!!

Aiden found out what it would be like with 4 siblings in the house!! We watched the Wolfer-Stephens family yesterday! Sydni - 4 years old, Paul - 19 months old, Ashleigh - 9 months old and Rose - 2 months old. Aiden slept through most of it, but he still had a lot of fun watching everyone move around. We packed up the family in the car and found out that we CAN fit 6 kids all together in the Expedition. We are only planning on 2 more, and it will be a while, don't get toooo excited!!

Hope everything is going great in your lives!! Love to all.



Anonymous said…
Two more children? If they are boys, I hope you'll keep trying - no pressure! However, we'll love them just as much as we do Aiden even if they are stinky, rotten, dirty boys! I know because I have two! Love you all,

Gigi (Great Grandmother Dana)
NJ Grandma said…
Hi Guys - so how was it with a house full of babies under the age of 4???? Handful :)
Can't wait to see ya'll - Tell Robert to send some new pictures - although this little man can't get any cuter!
Have a good week and talk to you soon.
All my love, Gail

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