While Dad's away....

Well, we aren't playing more then we would normally when dad is here. ;) We are doing are normal routines. Aiden didn't want to go to sleep last night and then he woke up 5:00am and wasn't a happy camper. By the time I got him Rosa's house (our sister-in-law who babysits him) he was asleep and she took him out of his carrier and the went to go lay down and sleep a little longer. I was quite jealous!!!! Tonight Gran is coming over and some how she gets him to sleep for at least 10 hours. I will some day figure out what she does to get him to sleep that long. He is probably just teething again!!

Talk to you all soon!



NJ Grandma said…
Hi Sarah - Where is Daddy? Aiden is growing so fast. I love the pix with the biscuit in his mouth. Miss you all and will talk to you soon.

All my love, Gail

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