What a trip!

So imagine my face when my lovely bride tells me that my child has fallen off of the bed, then proceeds to tell me that he is okay. My heart stopped for a bit and I turned a good pale white. The only reason I know is because people asked me if I was okay. I'm glad he is doing well and there has been no major damage, I think, time will tell :-)...

I was in Baltimore at an off site for my division. It was definitely nice to be around "geeks". They consolidated all us geeks from all the different business lines within GSA and placed us in one central office. We invaded Baltimore and it was a blast.

The picture of the day was taken by Sarah but I was playing around with the flash and what now before hand, so I'm not going to give her all the credit but she did get a great shot. He is an awesome little boy. He has had some trouble sleeping lately but I think its because he is out of his routine.

Our kitchen faucet sprung a leak in the weirdest place and we had to buy a new one. While we were at Home Depot, I bought a paint spray gun so that I can finish that chore. So this weekend will be devoted to house chores and homework.

Okay, I'm done!



NJ Grandma said…
What a sweet, sweet picture - Sarah you did a good job :) Hugs and kisses, Love you, Gail

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