What a Character...

Aiden is getting his own personality. Not that we thought that he wouldn't but it is really interesting to watch him grow!! Yesterday dad and Aiden spent the day together. Aiden was either asleep or screaming his battle cry to the top of his lungs. He does a battle cry that is a screeching scream that can last a couple of minutes. If you have a headache it isn't the best thing to listen to, but it is pretty funny! We don't know if he is trying to communicate with dolphins 1000s of miles away or what!

He has also started getting around pretty well. He is commando crawling or rolling everywhere. Gran and Pawpaw went on a cruise yesterday, but when they get back Pawpaw has a chore of baby proofing the house.

Well, Robert has been taking lots of video, maybe I can have him teach me how to put it on the website for all to see. Robert's life is a little crazy with Camp Rosales, MBA Class, his lovely wife and his screaming son!!

Love to all,



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