While Dad's away...Part II

Ok, so we hope that this is not a regular occurance for Aiden. While his daddy is in Baltimore, MA we had a slight emergency yesterday!!

Aiden was sleeping on the bed at Rosa's house. He woke up and fell of the bed. He landed face first and scared his Auen Rosa to death!!! He was tyring to fall asleep so she called the ambluance and then me. I called my mom, because she was off work yesterday and I knew that she would be closer then me. She and PawPaw (Grandpa Jeff) rushed over to be there. It took me over 45 minutes to get there. The parametics cleared him, but wanted him to be seen by the doctor. I called the doctor's office and they had me take him to the emergency room for a Skull Series.

I tried not to panic the whole time and I think I did pretty good!!

Papa and Grandma Lala met us at the hospital and helped us out of the car. Nini met us shortly after. We were there for about 1 1/2 hours, but it wasn't too bad. The ER doctor said that he looked fine, but to observe him for the next couple of days for extra fussiness and vomiting. He didn't think that there was any need for a Skull Series.

It was a very eventful afternoon. I think that Tia Rosa was the most scared of all of this. I tried to confort her as much as possible!! She seems to be doing better!!

Last night Aiden didn't not want to be left alone to go to sleep. (He was held a little too much yesterday!!) So he saw all of his grandparents and was spoiled routen yesterday (as he should be everyday). He woke up at 4:00 this morning and I brought him to bed with Diego and I.

We know this won't be our first trip to the ER. Let's hope it is just not a regular occurance.

Thank God Dad will be home today!! And, Thank God that he is ok!!



Anonymous said…
I am glad to know that all is well. He is getting so big - hard to believe it has been 7 months.
Patty said…
Well Mom you survived your first emergency. Way to go Sarah! Everyone of us has been there and we feel your anxiety. Aiden is a lucky boy to have so many wonderful folks to watch out for him.

We love you all.
NJ Grandma said…
Aiden is one tough little boy and like you said it won't be the last time he falls. Glad every one was able to help you out until you were able to get to him. Give him hugs and kisses for us. Love you, Gail
Anonymous said…
Hope all is well. He is tooooo cute.
Anonymous said…
You did great taking that picture, Sarah. He's soooo cute, I just want to eat him up! Enjoyed him very much at the wedding. Glad he's okay. I had a similar experiece with Tracy when he was 19 months old.


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