Bad Mom?

Ok, I don't think that I am a bad mom, but sometimes I don't do the best thing for my son and somehow he gets the bad end of the deal for it.

Yesterday morning, I was changing his diaper and I turned to put his dirty diaper in the Diaper Genie. All of the sudden, I have my child on the floor, crying, because he has fallen about 3 &1/2 to 4 feet from the changing table onto the laminate flooring. Now usually I keep my hand on him at all times, but this time I didn't. Bad Mommie.

Then last night was just pure Brown clumsiness. We were getting ready to leave Patti and Leigh's house and I went to put Aiden on my shoulders. Well, his little hand hit the ceiling fan. He wasn't hurt and all I could do was laugh, because it was twice in one day.

Usually even trying to walk myself through a door way can be difficult and I almost always have bumps and bruises from where I hit the doorway. Sometimes my son gets a bump on his arm, leg or even little head from bumping into the doorway.

I don't know if it is "Mommie Brain", "Brown clumsiness" or just my Absent Mindedness. But, he is going to be a tough little fellow.

(Oh by the way, the only reason I am blogging about being a bad mommie is because my wonderful husband said that if I didn't then he would and it might be a little embellished.)

Thanks for listening!



Anonymous said…
Welcome to the world of Mommy-dom. When Tracy was an infant, more than one time I hit his little head going thru the doorway. I was holding him crosswise, not upright. You'd think I'd learn after the first time! You and Robert are great parents! Gigi
NJ Grandma said…
Sarah - you are not a bad mommy - it won't be his first fall and it won't be his last fall. Boys are made tough to handle all that comes at them. Wish you were coming with the boys - sounds like you could use a little R&R. Talk to you soon. Love you, Gail
Anonymous said…
Sarah--my kids have rolled off of changing tables bumped into walls, fallen down stairs in a walker...and so on...they are the most adjusted outgoing fun loving people because they are not afraid to get "hurt"

enjoy him and keep smiling even when it hurts

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