Sometimes you have to stop and look around

Sometimes its just nice to stop and take a peak at what's growing around you. We have Aiden but we also have been caring for a wonderful backyard! See the fruits of our labor...-Robert


NJ Grandma said…
Your yard looks beautiful and your son is so handsome. Can't wait to see you in 4 days. Love you all. Gail
Anonymous said…
Robert and Sarah, The back yard looks great. A little info to pass on. If that's one of the hibiscus from the wedding, I don't know if it's a hardy hibiscus that can stand our winters so you should probably take it in the house in the winter. Also, the tall plant with yellow flowers, the Esparanza, is not a potted plant. It should be planted in the ground. It is hardy and can stand our winters and will come back each year. Love yall, Gigi
Anonymous said…
Thanks for letting us know about the yellow plant, we were wondering what to do with it. We were concerned because we have to water it 2 times a day to keep it alive. - Sarah

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