Camp Rosales 2007

I was a bit nervous going into the weekend because of all of the rain that had poured all week long. It seemed as though it wouldn’t give up and we might have to cancel the weekend. Fortunately, the skies cleared and we were able to have camp. In fact, the rain left us alone until 2 hours prior to leaving Cleburne. After we arrived in Fort Worth, the national weather service issued a serve thunderstorm warning for Johnson County, specifically, in the Cleburne State Park area for damaging winds in excess of 60 mph! So we really lucked out!
This year we tried something different, we changed our program to offer a more uniform camp experience instead of one designed for a specific group. I believe that we are going to make significant strides in the coming year in order to provide a better camp experience for the next group. We had 30 participants, which is the biggest camp to date, all from various groups: family, youth group and friends. Each night I tried to gather with my camp directors to write down some lessons learned so we have a good running list of things to work on! I can’t believe the progress that this little venture has made and will continue to make over the next years. I really feel that this will be a legacy that we can leave for our children, but more importantly make a huge impact on the campers that come to our camp.


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