What a big weekend!!

I am sure that Robert will write something up about Camp Rosales and how great of a weekend it was, but I have to have a little section on Aiden's progress.

He started clapping this weekend. He was clapping a little before this weekend, mostly due to being with Nana all week and learning Spanish nursery rhymes. Aunt Janna and Aunt Pat worked with him on Friday and had him clapping every time that they were clapping! Anytime that the campers would clap Aiden would start clapping, too.

Today Aiden thought it was a game to giggle and talk while I fed him. I would put food in his mouth and he would start talking and spit it out at me. Then he would laugh, because of course it was funny!! Then he would stick his hands in his mouth, get them full of food and then what would he do? Well, of course, his new favorite thing, Clap his hands!! He was too cute. All I could do was laugh and run for the video camera. I got the end of the meal on tape, so it should be up on the blog after Robert gets home from his trip this week.

Well, I am sure that Robert will have more to say about Camp Rosales and what a fun time we had this weekend!!

Love you all,


NJ Grandma said…
Hi Campers - so glad to hear you had a great weekend. Sounds like every one had a good time - including Aiden. Can't wait to see him - tell him I am already for his arrival. Talk to you soon.
Love you, Gail

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