My biggie-boy

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our children. Bentley passed away on Friday, July 6, 2007.

It's incredible that something so small can have such a hugh impact on your life. I would have never though the death of a dog would have me in tears but that is the case. In fact as I write this blog it is difficult for me not to start crying. We got him about a year and a half ago from his owner and he has been an adventure. I am going to miss his bark as I walk through the front door or his snoring through the wall as I sit and watch TV in the living room, or the way he sticks his tongue part of the way out of his mouth when he is sleeping on the couch. I will miss him waking me up in the mornings trying to get on the bed but unable to because of the height, so all he could do is stand up on his back legs and reach for the top of the bed. I will miss him standing at the back door trying to get in after being out for only a couple of minutes.

He goes now to join his buddy bugs, who we lost last year in september of 2006; they'll keep each other company. It has been a bit difficult these past couple of day without him hear but I know we will get through it but right now it ways very heavy on the heart strings.

Bentley we love you and miss you so much, you were a good boy!


NJ Grandma said…
Hi Guys - I can't believe Bentley is gone. Had he been sick? We so know the feeling of losing a dog. They are truly a part of your family. He was such a cool dog and a lucky one to have had you as his family. See you soon.
Love you, Gail
Anonymous said…
Sorry about Bentley, guys. Does Aiden appear to miss him?


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