1st Birthday

On Saturday we had many, many people over for Aiden's birthday. There was cake, corn-dogs, turkey legs, a pinata and lots of people!!! See the new pictures of all the fun times. He ate a lot of cake and got a lot of cake everywhere. He had people watch him take a bath, too!!

Then today Robert and I took the day off. We slept in a little. We went to our 12 month appointment, where we spent 2 hours of our morning. Aiden now weighs 21 lbs. He got 3 shots, I know we are awful for doing this on his birthday, but it had to be done. I got braces on my birthday one year, :(. But I lived through it!

Then we went to Ridgmar Mall, we had lunch and we played in the children's area for 45 mins. Aiden loves watching the kids running around and playing. Sometimes he gets right in there and plays, too, but he is still a little too small. But, soon he will be running around with the rest of them.

Aiden took 3 steps in front of all of our friends on Sunday. Everyone laughed and clapped. Aiden was excited, too. His main obstacle right now is that he doesn't want to just walk, he wants to run! He got a couple of toys for his birthday that are walk/push behind toys.

Well with all of the excitement we are really tired, so I am going to bed a little early.

Love to all,
Sarah, Robert and Aiden


NJ Grandma said…
Say HI to my little stinker for me. Hugs and kisses from New Jersey

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