Feeling Better

Aiden and I are feeling much better now. We are both on antibiotics still. It is hard to be in the medical field when you are sick, especially when I work in an Oncology practice. The last thing I want to do is get one of our patients sick. So I stayed home 1/2 day on Monday and all day Tuesday.

Aiden is still a snot nosed kid!! As I am sure he will always be, knowing his family history of allergies. But, he is feeling a lot better then he was last week.

Dad is out of town in Philadelphia. I used to eat really bad when Robert was out of town or not eat at all. With a kiddo I at least make sure that he eats. With both of us sick we aren't eating much, but we are eating healthy.


Unknown said…
Glad you are feeling better. G-man was also in the doc's office the Friday after Thanksgiving because he was allergic to the antibiotic they had given him a week earlier! They also determined that he needs to be on breathing treatments because we just can't get rid of that rattle in his chest. We gots to get both our boys healthy so they can play!

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