Yesterday I was sitting in Aiden's play room with him watching him play and he was standing up across the room. All of the sudden he turned around and took about 5 steps towards me. I screamed at Robert and then we both got to watch him take his 1st steps without any help!! It is just amazing. He really doesn't want to walk, he wants to run everywhere. He is sooo funny. Then when he finally sits/falls down he giggles and claps. We just all make a lot of noise and yell YEAH!!!

He thinks it is a lot of fun. He took about 20 steps at one point yesterday, and best of all we got it on camera. Most of the time if he does something then we go and get the camera and he lays there like he is 4 months old and can't move. He is a hoot to be around. It is hard to get up and go to work every morning, because you just want to be around him.

He is growing so fast before our eyes.

Lots of love to all.


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