Every now and again I get a good one

Aiden has a great disposition about him. He is fun, adventurous, playful, and best of all Happy. In the past year I think all of us have grown up with Aiden. He has become a year older and Sarah and I have grown up more than we probably understand. We have put aside so much of ourselves to put Aiden first. I love when he gets up in the morning and comes into bed with Sarah and I and we get to lay with each other until we have to get up and get ready for work. I love when we take him places he is the best behaved child in the room. I can't tell you all the great things because their my little cherished moments! But I can share this picture with you that I believe is his best yet! Love to all, enjoy.... -Robert


NJ Grandma said…
Did you ever really have any doubt that this would be the best little boy around!?!?!? Love those teeth - more to bite your ankles with!!! Love to all of you.

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