It was Aiden's 2nd Thanksgiving this year. His first one he slept more then anything, but this year he got to eat everything we ate. He really enjoyed that part.

Aiden went to Bally's Fitness with Robert on Wednesday and played in the daycare for a little while. He usually stays at our sister-in-laws house, so he doesn't have much exposure to sick kids as he would if he was in a daycare. He had a lot of fun playing with the other kids at Bally's, but one of those monsters made him sick. :( Probably the little girl that kept pushing him around.

Wednesday night he started running a fever and didn't sleep well. Thursday morning he still had a fever. In the after his mid-day nap his left eye was closed shut with mucous, his little nose was dripping like a faucet and he was very grumpy. Luckily, we our Pediatrician has a nurse on call service. The nurse called in some medication for his eye and told us to see the doctor in the morning. Friday Aiden and I got to spend our morning waiting at the doctor's office. He was then diagnosed with Pink Eye, a Cold and an ear infection.

It is very hard to apply the eye medication after the first drop, but he loves the antibiotic, so it makes up for it.

What a great way to spend your Thanksgiving weekend!!

I just have to say that we are very thankful for having a healthy baby overall. He has only been sick a couple of times with minor ailments, but otherwise very healthy.



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