Brushing our teeth

Aiden has started brushing his teeth on his own. We have been brushing teeth since he has had them, but now he won't let you do it very long now. Aiden will walk around the house with his toothbrush for about 10 mins. If you are brushing your teeth he will come back for more toothpaste. You can't take the toothbrush away; he throws a big fit.

This morning I brushed my teeth with him, then he dropped his toothbrush. Robert came in to brush his teeth and he wanted to brush them again. So hopefully he will have better teeth then I do, considering that he brushes them for probably about 30 mins a day.

Occasionally, we loose the toothbrush, because he carries it off somewhere, but we have 2 now!!

Oh, by the way, this is our 100th Blog Post!!



NJ Grandma said…
You can never brush too much - let him brush away - see you in a couple of days :) Can't wait.

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