My Heart is no longer my own....

It has finally happen the last piece of my heart that I had left was taken away by my sweet little boy. This weekend Mom upset him about something and he came crying to me..I was in shock, because Mom is everything to him, he absolutely loves her (as do I), but this weekend he wanted to be with Dad. It was a great feeling to have someone so small depend so much on you. Also, watching him interact this weekend, making improvements to the house and just spending much needed time as a family meant the world to me.

So I have to say that after 11 years of being with Sarah and just one year with Aiden, my heart is no longer my own and it belongs to those two people. I love them and miss them everytime I leave for another location.

Well, I'm in Boston at the hotel bar about to eat and just wanted to jot-down a thought or two.



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