Just a couple of random pictures!!

Aiden at Aunt Patty and Leigh's house!!
His cousin Paul is with him!!
This was a couple of days ago. He was having a bad hair day!! He thought it was really funny when I banged my head into his brick!!Here he is at the mall, playing in the kiddie area!! He loves those places, even though he comes home sick almost every time. It is good for his immune system!!Tonight, Aiden with the lunar eclipse. I stayed up and watched it until about 10:00pm, but he was in bed at about 8:15. So he didn't get to see the cool part, I guess he will have to wait until 2010.

The next two are pretty funny!!

This is Aiden in the car. I put the headphones on so he could hear his Baby Einstein's video. He kept them on for a good amount of time!Don't ask me, this is his CRAZY SMILE!! It is pretty funny and makes me laugh!!Hope you have a great day!



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