So Robert and I were both "band nerds". Although we still think we are pretty cool!! We will involve our children in sports as well as music and let them decide what they want to do. We have decided that he will probably be a quarterback and our daughter will be a cheerleader, because we would have no idea how to fit in with that parent crowd!! I am sure that we will acclimate, but who are we kidding, we are still band nerds.

College was a great time for both Robert and I! Thank God we found friends that will help our children with sports! Oh, and high school, too, because Lisa will teach him all about basketball!! Pawpaw will teach him all about Nascar and football along with our college friends!

So here is Aiden...a great picture of him throwing the basketball into the hoop. Its a good thing Aiden has lots of people in his life that love him and will teach him all the elements of being a boy!



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