Danger is my middle name...

So if Aiden could talk (More then Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Wowo {for dog}, Zoe) then I think he would be saying, "Look at me." or "Danger is my middle name, mom".

He is totally defiant at times. We have a little rocking chair that is his size. He will stand in it, dance, climb over it, and when we ask him to sit down he just looks at us and gives a big smile. Like "Make me". Sometimes he reacts to "sit please", but most of the time we have to pull him off of it. He will also climb on the coffee table now.

We bought him a fish tank a couple of weeks ago and he is constantly unplugging it and trying to plug it back in. We have to find a new place for it!!

He chases the dogs around the house. For the most part he is pretty nice to them. Sometimes he will grab them, pinch them or poke them. Lola has learned to pretty much run when he is headed her direction. Sometimes she will lick his face and he will grab a hold of her neck! Then she is stuck.

We will try to get new pics up soon!



NJ Grandma said…
He is still climbing and dancing on that rocking chair. The fall obviously didn't put the fear in him!!!! You think he is "danger" now - just wait. But he is so cute and huggable and kissable you can't get mad at him. Boys will be boys.

Hugs and kisses to every one. Hope you all are felling better. Talk to you soon.

All our love from New Jersey

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