Everyone is sick!!!

So I believe it began with Aiden and now Sarah and I are not feeling well either. We are all three on medicine for conjestion, cough and sore throat. Our weekend looks like it will be spent at home, in doors, and maybe resting as much as possible.

That is pretty unfortunate cause right now it is 80 degrees and looking great outside :-(.

On the bright side, I am home for a week and on spring break, yeahhhhh.

Okay bye for now.


Brandy said…
I hope you guys get to feeling better. I know what it is like for the whole family to be sick. Talk to you later. Brandy
NJ Grandma said…
Hi Guys - Sounds like you have what every one around is getting. They are dropping like flies. take it easy this weekend and every one rest. From the sounds of it this lingers on for a bit. Hugs and kisses and will check in on you again soon.

All my love from New Jersey

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