Sleeping Beauty

Every night Robert and I go and check on Aiden before we go to bed. Usually to make sure that all bottles are moved out of his bed and that he is in a good sleeping position. (Although he never stays in that same spot.) Tonight I walked in to find Aiden in this position.

Cat in the hat on top of him, blanket under him, Glow-worm is a foot rest, Book under the cat in the hat. The toy that usually hangs from the rails (which you can't see in the pic) is hanging from one rope. Aiden's foot is though the rail and sideways. (So, I am glad that we checked before he woke up screaming)

The funny thing is that he didn't make a sound after I put him to bed. We had the monitor on and didn't hear a noise of him crashing his crib!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Sadly we all have to wake up a hour earlier!



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