Easter continued...

So Easter Sunday was very eventful. We woke up at 7:00am, laid in bed until 9:00am. Then we took showers and got ready for the big day ahead of us.

We went to Easter Sunday service. Aiden stayed with us through the entire service. He has decided he doesn't like the nursery, probably because he isn't used to being left with other kids, but he automatically cries when you start walking in that direction. So, he stayed with us during church and he was quite a distraction to those around him, but he was pretty quiet for the most part. Rev. Gina had a great message!!

We then went to the fellowship hall. We hung around until 12:30 when the egg hunting began. Robert watched Aiden while Gran, Uncle JN and I went to help hide Easter eggs.

Aiden really enjoyed hunting eggs. Once, he got the hang of it he was a pro. At first he would pick them up and just stare at them, but then once we kept saying, "Put it in the basket" he really understood. For the most part he picked up eggs and then watched others pick up eggs. But he had fun!!

He didn't hunt Easter eggs last year,

so this is offically his very first Easter egg!!

We stopped by the Easter bunny hut, where there were rabbits and chicks. Aiden really didn't like the bunnies all that much and he wasn't to sure about the chicks either. He was quite tired, too. But we were able to get in a couple of shots!
Then we went to have lunch with Nini and PatPat. Nini had shoulder surgery on Wednesday so she wasn't able to go out; therefore, we went to her!! So we had lunch with Nini, PatPat, Uncle Joe, Gran, Papa, and Grandma Lala. We had a wonderful lunch and spent time together. Then we were off for our house.

I pooper-scooped, in my Easter dress and Crocks, very fashionable. While Robert finished picking up the house. At 4:00pm Robert's family ascended upon our Casa. Altogether, that I can remember, we had about 32 people at our house. We ate, in various places, standing, sitting, at the bar, everywhere. Then we egg hunted again.

Aiden, Moses, Elena and Panchito hunted first. They are the youngest and we didn't want them to get run over by the bigger kids. Aiden had it down by this point. Then he really figured it out. He went for Elena's Easter basket. Why hunt for them when you can get them all in one place!!
Then the bigger kids hunted eggs and there were lots of confetti eggs. I think I will be finding confetti around my house for the next year. But, it was a lot of fun, anyways.

Then we play Sing Star, which is a PS2 Karaoke game were you compete against each other. We have 80s hits and Pop hits. It is a ton of fun and was enjoyable for several hours.

Then when all was said and done Aiden went to bed around 9:00pm. Which is really late for him, but it was a very busy day and he couldn't have missed a minute of it!!



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