Aiden and the Wolfer-Stephens Family

Aiden has become a part of the Wolfer-Stephens Family.  He even calls Aunt Patti “Momma Patti”.  We drop him off at their house before school, he plays for a couple minutes and then Patti takes them to school.  Then, after school Patti picks them up and he drives around to pick up the other kiddos.  After that they go to the house to play and sometimes go to the stables! 

Here are some pictures of their most recent adventures.

19037_1284761233521_1064840956_911741_8009368_n This is the 2nd time they’ve worn the same shirt on the same day!!  Mommy’s have great minds that think alike.  I even put a different shirt on Aiden that morning and he messed it up with Oatmeal, so I changed him to this one.

19037_1285226245146_1064840956_912788_8100336_n 19037_1285226285147_1064840956_912789_2576668_n 19037_1285226325148_1064840956_912790_6717180_n


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