You think I’m crazy, too

As if Robert didn’t need more conformation that his blushing bride isn’t already insane, I brought this home yesterday.


I stumbled in the door after work and he just looked at me with his mouth open.  I’m pretty sure he was thinking, “That’s it, I finally have my proof that she’s insane and I can take her to the looney bin.”

What he said to me was, “Um, Babe, you’re not supposed to buy those.  That’s the display.” 

But, It was on sale at BBB!  I’m guessing they don’t sale this model anymore and guess what, I only paid $10.97 for it.  AMAZING!!  I’ve been waiting on getting new fixtures for Nana’s bathroom and they are so crazy expensive, so really, yes, I’m insane, Insane about GREAT deals!!

Usually, the towel rack would have been $25 -$30, the hand towel ring $15 - $20, The towel hook $5 - $10, the toilet paper roll $10 - $20.  So, really I saved $45 - $70.  So, I saved enough to buy a new pair of shoes or a purse or something, right? :)  


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