My own ride

Aiden, Ana and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. (Aiden has strep throat again, blah. So, I stayed home from work)

Aiden and Ana were both very tired before we started on our walk, but both refused to go down for naps. So, we set out to completely exhaust them into napping submission.

On our way out the back door I put Ana's car seat into the stroller. Aiden threw fit, screaming, hitting and all. We had a little time out on the steps of the garage and then I explained to him that big boys walk while babies need to ride in the stroller. It was/is his stroller that we have used for the past 3 years for him, so I just see this as a preamble of future outrage about things his sister will take over.

So, he walked, as slow as molasses, behind me all the way to the park and then about 1/2 way to the slide he told me he had to get his stick, which was in the stroller basket. I stopped and let him get his stick and he just threw it in the grass and then proceeded to crawl into the basket. So, he rode most of the way to the slide in his own "seat". At one point I thought he had fallen asleep, which would have been even more hilarious!


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