So, if you are my friend on Facebook you heard Wednesday night that our alarm clock had kicked the bucket :(

Here's what I posted:
"With sad hearts we have to say goodbye to a great friend, we will truly miss your presence in our daily lives. Our alarm clock of 10 years has officially died. It was the greatest alarm clock ever. Now, we're on the search for another great alarm clock. I know it might be too soon, our old one is not even cold yet, but it's time."

I'll tell you why this thing was the best ever! (not that you really care, but I'm telling you anyway) I bought it for Robert for one of our anniversaries or his birthday, I can't remember what the occasion was. (I know lame, buying an alarm clock for a gift, but wait) It was a pricey alarm clock, I think it cost me 1/2 a paycheck at the time, but I wasn't making much $ then, so probably would be considered cheap now. Robert is the hardest person to buy anything for, mostly because if he wants something, he goes out and buys it. I bought him the alarm clock because at the time CD alarm clocks were just the hottest thing and this alarm clock has 2 speakers (one for each side of the bed) that the other speaker also controls the snooze and off buttons (I told you it was a cool alarm clock)

So, I've had a couple of episodes with it in the past where I thought it was dying, because the time won't set on it or I can't change the alarm time or something like that. WELL, Sunday night I went to our room to go to bed and set the alarm and it wouldn't change the alarm time. So, I did the normal, unplug, take out battery, plug back in, etc. Still wouldn't do it. So, I left it unplugged for Monday night. Plugged it back in Tuesday night, still wouldn't change the alarm time, but the regular time was still working and the CD player would still play, so no battery and no plug. Wednesday night, no battery and no plug for 24 hours and now the regular time wouldn't change or the alarm time or the CD player. I was so sad.

I told Robert, told Facebook, etc. Robert yesterday morning called an electronics repair company and they said it sounded like a button was stuck. They would require a $35 charge to look at it and then that $35 would go to fixing it if they could fix it. I said, "DO IT, SAVE MY ALARM CLOCK"

So, last night I'm laying in bed, my alarm clock has been moved to the floor by my bed, b/c I just couldn't look at it anymore. Then, at 3:00am it came to me. This morning I woke up walked over to Robert's side of the bed and his book was sitting on the snooze button of his speaker. Therefore, my side wouldn't work because there was a stuck button. So, I moved the book and TA DA, the alarm clock works again!!!! I'm so happy. LOL...

The funnier thing is that yesterday I posted that I'm not sleeping b/c Ana is waking up 2-3 times at night. She slept in Nana's room last night, so that I could sleep without interruption for the night and I woke up solving the great alarm clock problem. I guess that happens.

Oh and, I did sleep well last night and so did Ana. She woke up at 1:30 and then slept until 8:00 for Nana. Crazy girl.


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