2 year appointment

We took Aiden to his 2 year appointment with Dr. Phillips on Friday.

He is doing great, 28 lbs, 35 inches, lower in weight then most kids we know, but Dr. Phillips said that he looked great.

She asked how he is eating... We said if Pizza, French Fries, Suckers, Oatmeal Smoothies, eggs, Fruit, Tomatoes and more French Fries is a good diet, then he's doing great! She said we should keep up his vitamins and get a fruit in with each meal (since he follows after his Aunt Lisa and Nino Mike in the not eating veggies department.)

Then she said...It's time to get rid of the pacy! We know, we know, we are going to start clipping off the tip slowly and that way he won't like the feel of it anymore.

Then she asked the ultimate question...How is he sleeping? We both looked at each other, Aiden was moving around the table, so we tried to help hold him down while she tried to listen to his lungs and heart. After she was done she asked again. We said, Weeeeelllllll. If it is ok for him to sleep with Nana every night and wake up for a yogurt smoothie every night around 2:00am, then he's doing great!! HEHE!!

Well, to say the last we have some stuff to work on. We think that day care will probably help with a lot of this stuff. Peer Pressure is a good thing sometimes!

Last night I took Robert to the airport and Nana said Aiden cried for about an hour. When I got home around 9:00pm he was asleep, then he woke up around 11:30 and finally went back to sleep after a yogurt smoothie, in Nana's bed. Well, I guess we are still working on it right?


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