Our Sunday was full of dog stuff.

We went to go and see Bolt. It was Aiden's first movie, well, if you don't count "The Pursuit of Happiness" which we saw when he was about 1 month old.

He enjoyed it. I know it is tough to keep any toddler occupied for more then 5 minutes. He ate some popcorn and drank some Sprite and watched the movie about 1/2 way through. Then, he and I went to the car to get his paci. When we came back to the movie he watched about 5 more minutes and then fell asleep.

The movie made me want a Hamster! It was cute.

So, earlier that morning, we went to Petsmart to get Aiden another frog. His first one only lasted about 2 days. Let's see how long this one lasts.

While we were there we purchased a bark collar for Henry. I know, I know. I never thought I would put a bark collar on a dog, but I couldn't stand it any longer! He barks all day long, unless he's out of his cage, which we aren't always able to accommodate. (Sometimes, he gets a little rough with Aiden and we have to put him up. or having 3 dogs and a toddler is a little tough at times, too so everyone goes up) I feel like a really bad mom. I have tried the, "NO BARK" yelling method, I have tried the loud noise can method, the spraying water method...

Well, even with being a bad mom, it was that or he finds a new home. Which I probably couldn't have done either, but....Whatever.

I put the collar on, he went outside and then when he barked outside I thought he was going to have a seizure. He almost flipped over. WOW. Well, to say the least, the collar worked. I feel really bad about it, but he's not barking, and that part is better! Henry walked around depressed for the rest of the night.

Robert doesn't have much of a comment on it, probably because he knows I am going to do whatever it takes to keep him in our house and away from a 4th family. I don't think I would give him up because of the barking anyway. He hasn't peed in the house since we got wood floors in the living room and the office (which is where the dogs stay).

So, I think on top of the collar we are going to give Henry training classes for Christmas. It is only about $109 and lasts about 6 weeks. They have a special class on behavioral issues. So, I think maybe after his eye surgery we can get him started on those. Maybe that will help the barking, too.

There are also these diffusers that emit dog pheromones and are supposed to help give a calming effect to dogs. We might try those, too.

I just feel really conflicted right now, because I do believe dogs should be allowed to bark. I mean I expect it from them especially while Robert's gone. They let me know if anything is going on in the house. But, all day every day is a little much.

So, go ahead and tell me I am an awful doggie mom. I can take it! It is better then giving him up to a new home. Well, I guess we should ask him that!


NJ Grandma said…
Oh, he will survive a little shock or two. He is a big boy - and it probably won't take long for him to realize NO BARKING is enforced in this house. Give him some hugs and he will be fine. Oh, our little boy show his first movie - good job. Robert home yet? Love to all. Miss you.
Love from New Jersey
I understand....especially with three loud barking poms. I get to the end of my rope too, I just haven't gotten to that point, my family has....but I can't bring myself to do it...especially since we took Holli in and she had so many issues in the beginning, I almost think her barking is because she is happy 24 hours a day now.....but your right, I will do anything not to give them away....I could NEVER do that.

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