Trip To Stephenville

Last Wednesday Aiden and I made a trip to Stephenville to visit PANKUS. They were having recruitment discussion and such so we went to check things out!

We didn't leave until 7:00pm, usually Aiden goes to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00, but not that night! I got him all dressed up in his blue jeans, a white undershirt and his Tarleton Football Jersey. He looked so cute!!

Well, he did pretty good on the drive there, he got a little bored, but we danced to the music and stuff. I took the Solara so he didn't have TV like he does in the Expedition. :( So, we got all the way to Tolar, TX (about 30 minutes outside of Stephenville). When, he started crying pretty badly, I kept trying to console him, but he wasn't having it. Then, he belched really loudly and then Threw up all over his cute little self. TWICE! So, I turned around and went to the closest gas station.

The whole time I drove to the gas station he held his hands out and cried and yelled, MAMA. Break your heart!! So, I cleaned him up and the car up and put him in his Batman PJs.

He had a lot of fun at the meeting, he was pretty distracting, but oh well!!

At one time when he was acting up I told him he better behave or I will make sure that he doesn't get into PANKUS when he's in college. HEHE.

He felt better after he threw up. We didn't leave Stephenville until about 10:30pm and he fell asleep fast in the car.

Luckily it just got in the car seat and on the floor mat. So, my car doesn't stink, THANK GOD!!

Also, why am I always the one he throws up on/with. Plane ride: Threw up on Mama. Car ride: Threw up in Mama's Car. Hum....


Dada gets peed on so i don't want to her that :)...

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