What a weekend! We took Friday off to take Aiden and Nana to their doctor's appointments, more on Aiden's later! Then, got everything together to head to our friend's lake house.

Henry went with us, mainly because he has to have medication 2 times a day, and Nana was watching Diego and Lola for us. He was a good dog all weekend.

Nini and PatPat picked up Aiden Saturday morning. They went to the Japanese Gardens, feed the koi fish and played with other little kiddos. Then, they went to Paul's 4th B-Day party! What fun!! They had a great weekend together!

We went to the lake house with several friends and had a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend, full of "bringing up old stuff". We watched some movies, played Wii, Rock Band, Sing Star, and ate ourselves to death! It was great to get away and relax for a couple of days. It was all for Robert's b-day and he seemed to really enjoy himself!

Next year 2 of our friends turn 30, so we have to start planning for their adventures!!


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