Aiden's Questions

My mom said I asked a million questions when I was young...Now I guess it's my turn to answer millions of questions.

This week, well really the past month, has been pretty rainy. This week Aiden kept asking, "Mommy, where sun?, where sun?" Over and over again. I tried my best to explain that the clouds where hiding it. Or it was hiding. He was really cute, like he was concerned that the sun was missing. Then, at night, "Where moon?" Poor guy, the clouds keep hiding everything.

On another note:

Romo is his absolute best friend right now. But sometimes they get in trouble together :)

Wednesday night we had family dinner with Patti, Leigh, Sharon and all of our 7 kiddos. WOW... So, we got home around 9:00pm. As every mom does you have 10000 things that have to get done before you can go to bed, so I started on all those things. One of them being making Aiden's lunch.

Then, let the dogs out and the 9,998 other things :) Romo didn't want to go to his bed, so I let him sleep with Aiden. Ana was a bit fussy, so I spent from about 10:00 to 12:00 getting her to go to bed and then I fell asleep. Awww Sleep :)

12:30 I hear Aiden enter the room. He crawls into bed with me. I go to cover him up and he has no pants and no diaper on. Which is pretty normal for him at this stage. So, I go to his room because I've just remembered that Romo was in there and where is he now? I enter the room to see, a diaper, pants and Aiden's lunch... Well, Aiden's lunch box and the containers for his lunch. Aiden got his lunch out of the fridge and they had themselves a little midnight snack. I'm guessing Romo ate more then Aiden, just because Aiden's a slow eater and Romo isn't. So, a sandwich, cup of goldfish, cheese stick, apple sauce and fruit drink for a midnight snack, that's pretty good if you ask me.

Luckily no mess, I'm guessing that's thanks to Romo :)

So, Romo went to his bed and Aiden went to my bed. They are going to be best buds.


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