Haunted Evening

Gran and PawPaw work at "The World's Largest Indoor Haunted House" The Cutting Edge. We pass it every day headed to Aiden's school and every morning he says, "Mommy Monster", because there is a huge gargoyle on top of the building.

Last night Aiden, Ana and I went to the haunted house to meet the gargoyle and look around a little. They are probably the youngest Haunted House go-ers. Aiden and PawPaw went to meet the cast members, who were getting their makeup and costumes put on. He found Gran and I and kept asking to see the clowns. (I'm scared of clowns thanks to "It", "Poltergeist" and other movies I watched as a kid) So, we all headed in the Haunted House to see the clown room. (Seriously, I went, too) It wasn't too bad, but nothing jumped out at me and there were a few lights on :)

We tried to keep it positive and not scary for Aiden. He had PawPaw's flashlight and kept shining it on all the clowns. He wasn't scared, not one bit. He was shy towards the cast members, but gave them "5" and walked around like nothing was wrong with the knife sticking out of their head.

The one thing he was scared of was the "Black Hole", when you first walk in, there is a huge barrel that the walk way is in spins around you and makes a lot of noise (which scares Aiden, I mean, he's scared of the vacuum, but not demented clowns, hum...)

So, I think our kiddos were probably the youngest to enter the Haunted House. How fun!! Aiden LOVED it!!


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