Post Gallbladder Surgery

I had my gallbladder surgery on Wednesday. Everything went ok. I have 5 little scars from where the surgeon went in to get it out. He took it out of my belly button. During the surgery they put dye into my bile duct and do an xray to see if it flows through, well, it didn't. I had a stone in the bile duct. So, they woke me up and said, "Hey everything went great, call this other doctor to get that stone out."

As we were leaving the parking lot I called the other doctor and they said that I was scheduled for an ERCP at 1:00pm on Thursday. WOW, so I was to go home and rest, drink clear fluids, take pain meds and nothing to eat or drink after midnight. (No pain meds after midnight either)

So, to say the least, I hurt when I woke up on Thursday morning. We went to the hospital, I was put under again for the ERCP and they pulled out a stone and some sand. Really, I hadn't been eating rocks and dirt out of the garden, maybe it was all the mud pies I ate as a kid. :)

This morning I'm feeling a lot better. I'm a little frustrated/sad because I have to pump and dump for 10 days. Really, seems like a waste of time for 10 days, but it's what is best for Ana. The anesthesia is out of me after 12 hours, so I would have been fine this morning to feed her, but the doctor put me on a really strong antibiotic that would go through the milk to her, so I have to take that for 7 days and she has to go on formula for 10 days. Hopefully, I can keep the supply up so that I can continue to feed her after the 10 days.

I realized this morning that I hadn't eaten anything since 8:00pm on Tuesday, 56 hours. So, I had some Coco Puffs this morning, so far so good. Hopefully, you won't have to hear about the gallbladder thing anymore. :) B/C honestly I'm tired of hearing about it.


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