Seeing myself in your eyes

I really got to see myself through Aiden's eyes recently.

Diego was playing in the hallway and Romo was in Aiden's room. Romo ran out of Aiden's room and Aiden said...

"ROMO, you come back here.

Romo, you want time out?

Romo, come back here.



And he goes running down the hallway toward Romo.

Wow!! Is that what I sound like :) All I could do was laugh.

While we're on the Aiden's sayings subject:

Robert told me that on the way to school he had a conversation with Aiden:

Daddy: Are you excited about school?

Aiden: Yes, I see Maddison, and Rosie, and.... (Named off his friends)

Daddy: Oh, are those your friends?

Aiden: Yes, and Daddy's friends are Megghan and Sheesa and Nina...

WOW, he's starting to pay attention.


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