Balloons and Sleepy little boys

Aiden is obsessed with balloons, as I hear many toddlers are. I try to bring him home a balloon once a week. He carries them around the house for days, even after they have stopped floating. I thought I would share some photos of him and his balloons!

~In this picture he is trying to hold the balloon and pick up the basketball at the same time~

Last Friday Aiden was sick, he had a fever and he made his Grandma sick, so she couldn't take care of him. So Robert and I alternated the day taking care of him. In the morning while we where both at home, Aiden was watching his morning cartoons and when I walked into the room I found him like this. It was toooooooo funny!!

I wish I could sleep anywhere like he does! Once while he was first starting to eat baby food my dad was over and we were showing Papa how we eat big kid foods. All of the sudden in the middle of eating he fell asleep right in his high chair. It was tooo funny!

Just wanted to share more photos and special Aiden times with everyone!!



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