Day 5, Slower Day...

Well, we all didn't sleep so well last night, so we woke up, ate breakfast and then took a nap!

Once we got ourselves back together Aiden and I met Robert and Wendy (Robert's co-worker) for lunch!

Then, we were off. We (Really I, Aiden didn't have much to say about it) decided to go and see Dorothy's Red slippers and take a picture for Della. She is our 2 year old next door neighbor and she loves The Wizard of Oz. The shoes were at the National Air and Space Museum, because the American History Museum is being renovated!

We saw some really big Space Shuttles, more airplanes and some pretty cool stuff.

Once we found the American History Section we saw the first Kermit the Frog....
Then, we moved toward the Wizard of Oz section and....the shoes were out for filming. They were on the Oprah show today. :( That isn't very fair, I think that Oprah could probably see them any day of the week.
Here is Aiden with the Moon!
Amelia Earhart's red plane... Aiden likes the color Red...A replica of the 1st Hot Air Balloon that carried people...A space suit...Sorry, some of these pictures are like playing where's waldo....Where's Aiden....Its really hard to get him to stand by something and say "cheese"!!

Then we went back to the hotel to get the car seat and head down to the last stop on the Metro.

We met Mike and Katie for dinner!! We had a great dinner. We are really going to miss them! We are not sure were tomorrow will bring us. We thought about going out to the Arlington Cemetery, but it is supposed to snow tomorrow. So instead we might just play in the snow for the day!!


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