Monkey Man

Robert calls Aiden his "Monkey Man". Here is proof!!
I bought him these Monkey pajamas, because of his nickname.
He loves bananas, if he could have a banana an hour he would. Which isn't bad for him at all!! There could be worse things that he could want to eat. Every time he walks through the kitchen and sees the bananas on the counter he wants one!!

This is the signal for "I want that banana!!"

I am sure that he will figure out how to open them very shortly!!

Tonight, at 8:30pm, when he should have been asleep for about an hour now, he wanted a banana. So he is a sleepy little boy eating bananas!!

I think this means, "I am finished with my banana!!"

One satisfied Monkey Man!

Love to all,


NJ Grandma said…
I love his monkey PJ's. He is the cutest little monkey man I know. Hugs and kisses to our little monkey man. Love you, Gail

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