18 Month appointment

Just an update:

At Aiden's 18 Month appointment yesterday he had his stats done.

Weigth 23 lbs
Height 32 inches

He is about average according to all the charts and websites. A little under weight, but Dr. Phillip says that is ok.

While looking for average height/weight for a 18 month old I found this:

6. Is your child talking a lot? (By this time, most toddlers know and use at least six words — mama or dada among them. A few tots can even string two words together to form a basic sentence, such as "Mama go" or "Carry me." The doctor can also give you tips on how to encourage your child's language development.)

Well, he can do that. So Aiden is on the right development path according to BabyCenter.com, but far behind on Parents.com. Also, according to a couple of friends that have toddlers around his age, he is right on track with their development, too. So, at least he will be BabyCenter.com slow with his friends!!! LOL, too funny!!

Other Developmental Things

1. How is your child sleeping? (Most toddlers this age sleep about 11 hours at night, and nap for about two hours during the day. Bedtime is usually a battle, though, since children this age prefer being active and on the go. Your child may also fight sleep because she's afraid of the dark and of being alone.) - Not napping much during the day, maybe 30 mins to an hour, but is sleeping 11 hours at night.

2. What are his eating habits? (The doctor will ask this question to find out whether your child is getting a balanced diet. She may suggest some healthy snacks to serve, or ways to get your busy child to sit long enough to eat, since most 18-month-olds resent being buckled into a highchair for mealtimes.) - If French Fries and chicken is balanced - J/K He eats pretty much whatever we eat, I think he is eating good. He also is resenting the buckle part, especially at restaurants.

3. Is your child showing any signs of toilet training readiness? (Many toddlers develop the physical and cognitive skills necessary for toilet training, such as being able to pull their pants up and down easily, between 18 and 24 months of age, but some aren't ready to start until they're as old as 4.) Not there yet, starting to try to take clothes off. We probably need to ask Nana to starting working on this one.

4. Is your child walking? (By now, your toddler should have taken her first steps. Children learn to walk between 9 and 18 months. If he's walking on her toes, or lists to one side, mention this to the doctor so she can evaluate his motor skills.) OMG, walking, jumping, climbing, running, we have that all down. :)

5. Has he been saying "no" a lot or throwing temper tantrums? (Most 18-month-olds have discovered the joy of saying "no," and they like wielding this powerful word. It's a sign of independence and language development.) Temper tantrums - yes, Not saying "no" yet - thank goodness, but I am sure it is coming.

7. Does he respond to simple commands? (Eighteen-month-olds are usually mature enough to understand and follow simple directions such as "Please pass me the ball" or "Bring me your shoes," so if he doesn't follow basic commands, or doesn't appear to hear you, tell the doctor.) Yep, doing good on this one - But, sometimes he doesn't appear to hear me - but I think he learned that from Dada. ;)

8. What games does he like to play? (The activities your child enjoys give the doctor information on how he's developing. Many toddlers this age love peekaboo, a sign that they're developing mental skills, and playing with balls, which helps them become better coordinated.) He loves balls, loves peekaboo and loves sorting his bath toys - if you interrupt he sometimes will do #5.

9. Do you clean his teeth and gums? (Your child may still be waiting for his molars to come in, but as soon as he has any teeth, good oral hygiene becomes important. Your doctor may also recommend fluoride drops. If she doesn't bring them up, ask about them.) Loves brushing his teeth, he won't let me brush them, but he lets Dada brush them and then he walks around the house with his toothbrush.

10.Have you noticed anything unusual about your toddler's eyes or the way he looks at things? (Check our eye examinations article to learn how to spot potential problems.) Nope, no problems there.

So that is our development at 18 months. I feel much better now!


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