No No

So, you know how last week I said I was glad that he wasn't saying "No" yet. Well, we can add another word to his vocabulary!! (I don't know whether to be happy about this one or not)

Word # 10: Na No (one long a and No)

Means "No" in toddlerese.

Yesterday while he was working with me, he would climb up in my lap to help me at the computer. When I tried to touch the keyboard, mouse or him he would remove my hand from the item and say "Na Na". He also grabs toys from me and says the same thing.

On another note:

Gran called today, because she took Aiden with her to get some testing done on GiGi. They were alone in the lobby so she changed the channel to kids TV. He would stand up in the chair, she asked him to sit done and then would pat his bottom to get him to sit, tell him "Sit" and then he would sit (with an ugly look I am sure). He would stand up again and she did the same again. He then moved to other chairs and repeat (Stand, Pat on bottom). Gran moved over to the chair next to him and he in turn stuck out his bottom so she could pat it, as if saying "Here you go"!

He definitely has his Dada's personality. No doubt about it!


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