New Words

So we have more new words. (We are getting closer to 50 everyday!!)

Nino - What we call his Godfather
Nini - What he calls Aunt Janna
Nina - What we call his Godmothers
Stop - Stop ;)

That's all we have heard lately. Sometimes it will sound like he says something, but then he never repeats it again, so I don't think he really said what we think.

But, we have Nono and Mama down.

Last night we were at the dinner table with Mike and Katie (who had great surgery results today so they should be able to get pregnant soon) and he called his food mama, he called Katie mama, he called his drink mama, everything was mama.

Nana (Robert's Mom) is feeling a lot better. She has been keeping Aiden at our house this week. They have been going for a walk every morning and then spending the day in the back yard and throughout the house playing.

Big party weekend starts tomorrow. We are having people over Saturday for a PANKUS Alumni goodbye/hello party, farewell to some and welcome to others. Aiden and I also have a 1st birthday party that we are going to on Saturday!! It will be a busy weekend, but I am ready to spend it with Monkey Man!!


NJ Grandma said…
Do we need to get him a dictionary yet??? LOVE THE SUNGLASSES. He is the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Hugs and kisses to my little man. A box is on the way for him - keep your eye out for it. Miss you.
Lots of love from New Jersey

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