What a weekend!

We had a wonderful family filled weekend.

Friday night we went to go and pick up Aiden from camping. Oh Boy, he had tons of fun!! He went swimming in his inflatable pool. Then, he showed us his new Tricycle with helmet and pads and all. It is tiny. He behaved really well with his Nini and Pat Pat and really had a great time.

Saturday we spent the morning resting and then the afternoon we headed to my sister's house. We had a great time cooking out with them and spending time with them.

Then Sunday morning we headed home and to Walmart. We bought more flowers and plants for the back yard. We planted flowers and cleaned up the back yard for Robert's family cookout. We had a wonderful evening of family talking and playing games all night. Lots of food!! I had to force Aiden to go to bed at 9:30pm. I had to lay in his crib with him and cover his ears for a little bit, before he would go to sleep. Robert and I went to bed at about 1:30am.

Then Monday, up at 6:10am. Aiden was a little upset that we were the only ones there. He searched the house for everyone else that was there on Sunday night. Then, we headed over to see Aiden's Godparents (Mike and Katie) and Katie's parents (Jim and Patti). It took a little bit of time for Aiden to come out of his shell, well, maybe 10 mins or so. But it took about 1 hour to get him in the pool and liking it. He is used to little pools, I guess. He cried for a little bit and then everyone would distract him and he started having fun. We took a nap and then he was ready to chase the dog and cat and be Captain Distructo. I swear we just give up sometimes, because it is too hard to keep up with him. But with all 6 adults there we managed to keep him out of danger. We watched Enchanted, which was a cute movie. Ate some good grilling food and some ice cream and then headed home.

Once we got home he walked straight to his room and patted on his bed. He was very tired.

Mike and Katie are going to be here all week, so we hope to spend some time with them. Then Friday we have friends coming over for movies and Saturday is a PANKUS party at our house. This should be the last big party for a little while.

Well, we had a wonderful weekend and hope everyone else's was great, too!!


Brandy said…
Wow what an exciting weekend. Sounds like lots of fun. And the new picture of Aiden is to Cute, I love it!!

NJ Grandma said…

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