Weekend of Walking

Friday night we had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Ramsey. They live out past Azle and their neighbors have horses. He loved the horses. He kept looking at me and saying "Wow Wow", which in toddlerese means Dog. I said, "Yeah they are really big Wow Wows, called horses." Then, he played with Saddie, their dog, throwing the balls for her. He found their toy room, with all the stuffed animals and then dropped the ones he was carrying, because he wanted to climb the stairs. We watch 27 dresses, in between chasing him around the house! It was a good night.

Saturday morning we went to the Walk Me Home 5k. We had a lot of fun and had a good time with our church family!! It seemed longer then 5k, but everyone said it was that long. Maybe, its because I carried Aiden about 45 mins of the walk.

This is the group we walked with (Our church family)
Ashleigh and Rose (Aiden's Buddies)Sweet Quincy - He was with our church family for a year and went home to his Grandma that afternoon.It was a wagon parade!!Aiden with Uncle Mic!
We went with Nana to try out some new cars. Aiden and I walked around looking for sticks, rocks and balloons, while Nana and Dad looked at cars.

Brandon and Lisa came over for a round of Sing Star!!

Then, Sunday we ate breakfast with Gran and PawPaw and then we headed to Mayfest.

We went into the petting zoo. Aiden loved the mini-horse, mini-donkey (until it snotted in his face) and the rabbits. He did not like the goats, ducks or chicks. He really didn't care for the Llama either.
He sat on a lot of shoulders this weekend!

That is definitely comfort there, Wagon, Goldfish, what more do you need!!

Sunday night we went to MB and Junior's house. Tootsie, their dog, and he played all night and she caught all of his crumbs, too.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend full of friends, family and lots of fun!! Next weekend we are heading to Stephenville for several graduations. And then Mother's day!!

I asked for a tree for Mother's Day, then yesterday at Mayfest the Fort Worth Forestry was giving away free trees, so we got 2 Red Oaks and 2 Live Oaks. They are very small saplings. We are going to pot them and let them grow a little longer, so maybe they won't get mowed down. Hopefully we will be able to plant them in the fall!!


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