I have lots to blog about, but I'll start with food!

PawPaw works at North Main BBQ on the weekends and they were on The Food Network last week!! He and North Main were on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". Ted Allen (from Queer Eye, Chopped, Food Detectives and I'm sure many other TV shows) said that it was the Best BBQ he'd ever eaten (I agree, well other then when it comes off of PawPaw's smoker, but it's the best BBQ restaurant BBQ I've ever eaten)

Robert, Lisa, Aiden and I watched it on TV last week and Aiden was SOOOOO excited when he saw PawPaw on TV! Every time they would show him Aiden would say, "PawPaw's on TV" LOL, it was really cute. We wonder if he really gets it, probably not, but it would be really funny to have them in the same room and watch it, see what he thinks then.

I tried to put up a video of it, but I can't figure that out yet, give me a bit of time!

Yesterday, Gran, PawPaw, Robert and I went to the Texas Restaurant Association Convention in Dallas. We pretty much walked around, looked at neat restaurant things and ate ourselves to death!! There were lots of good foods there, some that I'm going to have to find at the store. Like this Garlic, Cilantro Cheese (Which I usually don't like garlic or cilantro, but this was GOOD) and these wraps that I kept going back and getting. The lady at the booth kept rolling her eyes at the big pregnant lady that kept complementing her on the wonderful wraps. It was lots of fun. They also had a over 21 section and were serving beer, liquors and wines starting at 10:30am, so I guess you could drink yourself to death there, too.


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