Sleeping Funny and Swollen Eyes

Robert just told me that being on vacation was not an excuse for not blogging and then waved a hand at me like he was a Jedi (I had to look that up) and it would will me to go and blog...whatever. But, you know what did work? I walked into Aiden's room to give him a good night kiss and found this...

Also, last night Aiden had a little bit under his eye. Well, this morning he woke up and now it looks like someone punched him in the eye. Poor Guy, it doesn't seem to hurt, and I've been putting anti-itch stuff on it, but he keeps rubbing it, which makes it worse. Then, tonight he ran into the wall and now has a big bump in the middle of his forehand. Robert and I had talked about doing family pictures this week, but not now. :)

We go to see Dr. S tomorrow morning and see what he says about my ER visit. I've been better over the past 2 days, so hopefully with stomach meds we can avoid future ER trips until I can have my gall bladder worked up after Ana is born.


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