Sunday after church and lunch with Nini and PatPat we were headed home for a relaxing day...well, then Aiden heard an Elephant (on the radio) and kept saying, "Elli?" over and over again. So, Robert decided it was a good day to go to the zoo, before it gets too hot. (Only 95 degrees on Sunday, but not Africa hot yet)

Really, fly of the moment, we never live like that, everything is always planned with us, so this was BIG!!

Robert really asked me, "Should I take the camera?" Really, Really, why wouldn't we take the camera. And lucky him he got some really good pictures!

We got there a little later in the afternoon, all the poor animals looked so tired. Some like the baboon below were sitting by their doors, like they were saying, "LET ME IN"

The Fort Worth Zoo has this pretty neat Aviary with Parakeets and Zee birds (Cockateils). I dislike parakeets, comes from my days as a aviary cleaner, but this part of the zoo is one of Aiden's favorites, because you can purchase bird seed sticks and feed the birds.

Sometimes Aiden couldn't give it away, he was walking around behind the birds trying soooo hard to get them to eat.

Aiden looks so tired, he's distracted by some kids walking by. Actually he didn't go to sleep until about 10:00 that night, I would have figured he would have been out just as soon as we got home, but we weren't that lucky. :)

Me and my Tom's shoes were tired...or is that an Elephant they don't have in a cage? LOL, Hum....


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