Pee Pee

3 years ago I would have never thought I would get so excited about something like this, but hey...

Aiden went Pee in big potty yesterday!!

Nana told us last night around 10pm and Aiden was still running around the living room. We had a celebratory moment with lots of Yays and loud clapping.

Nana said that yesterday afternoon Aiden walked in to her and said, "Nana, I go pee pee." She thought he needed a diaper change, but then realized that he was doing a version of the pee pee dance and was running to the bathroom. We have a new toilet seat that has a built in training seat and he put that seat down, pulled down his pants and diaper (all by himself), jumped on the potty and peed! WOW. This was the first time he initiated potty time. Usually in the morning I will ask him if he needs to pee and he goes running into the bathroom and gets in position and nothing happens. This time he did it all himself!

Now we can throw away the diapers right? HAHA, I wish.

When we started clapping for him last night he was sooooo proud. He started dancing and jumping on the couch. Like I said, it's hard to think that 3 years ago we would have thought people were crazy for getting so excited about pee, but I guess that's part of the parenting process.


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